Check out these great books!

Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever

by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell

DtM says: After I read Will Voet’s Breaking the Chain years ago, I thought I had learned all there was to learn about how rampant drug use was and the crazy lengths pro cyclists will go just to get the slightest edge. With Wheelmen, we learn how little might have changed and worse yet, how more ruthless and politicized things were during the past couple decades. In much the same was as with The Secret Race, I was left at once mournful and ever inspired to keep riding.

The Secret Race

by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle

DtM says: Throughout my reading of The Secret Race, I completely felt as if I was by Tyler Hamilton’s side for his entire career. With Tyler’s experience and Daniel Coyle’s gift of writing, I was drawn in so completely when it ended I felt like I lived every bit of it throughout the duration of reading it. In much the same was as with Wheelmen, I was left at once mournful and ever inspired to keep riding.

The Yellow Jersey

by Ralph Hurne

DtM says: A witty and charming novel of about a pro cyclist at the end of a career that was good but never great. He agrees to pace his young protege through the earlier stages of yet another the tour where he encounters the chance of a lifetime.

Breaking the Chain: Drugs and Cycling: The True Story

by Willy Voet

DtM says: In July 1998 as the Tour de France was just getting underway, Team Festina soigneur, Willy Voet, was nabbed at the French-Belgian border with a trunk load of doping products and paraphernalia. A year later, Messr. Voet wrote this eye opening tell-all book about the history of drugs in cycling.

Bicycling Medicine: Cycling Nutrition, Physiology, Injury Prevention and Treatment For Riders of All Levels

by Arnie Baker, MD

DtM says: A very easy to follow book that explains in simple terms all things physiological about cycling including ailments, training and nutrition.

One Last Great Thing: A Story of a Father and a Son, a Story of a Life and a Legacy

by John Burke

DtM says: Powerful story of family and love. John Burke, son of Trek Bicycles founder, “The Big Guy”, shares his story in a way that has you right by his side up to the end of his father’s life.

The Quotable Cyclist: Great Moments of Bicycling Wisdom, Inspiration and Humor

edited by Bill Strickland

DtM says: A wonderful collection of the greatest accolades ever made about the bicycle and the art of cycling.  Contributions from the greatest the sport has ever seen to the some the greatest literary minds of our time.

Dancing on the Pedals: The Found Poetry of Phil Liggett, The Voice of Cycling

by Phil Liggett, edited by Doug Donaldson

DtM says: Phil Liggett has been commentating for pro-cycling for nearly 30 years. In this short collection of witty one-liners, we get a glimpse of of Messr. Liggett’s gift for hyperbole and metaphor in describing the pain on the face of someone in a tough  climb or the horror of a mass pile-up.

Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

by C. Calvin Jones

DtM says: An excellent source of simple to follow guidelines and steps for reliable do-it-yourself performance of bicycle maintenance and repair. 

Cycling’ Golden Age: Heroes of the Postwar Era, 1946-1967

by Brett Horton, Shelly Horton, & Owen Mulholland (Forward by Eddy Merckx)

DtM says: (synopsis coming soon!)

Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100

by Roy M. Wallack

DtM says: (synopsis coming soon!)